New Zealand Boots - story

New Zealand produces some of the finest sheepskin in the world. On these beautiful islands, sheep have the best possible environment for developing their thick, dense wool.

Our authentic, handmade boots come in many colours and varieties, and are made to the highest standard of quality and perfection.

Sheepskin keeps your feet warm and comfortable in extreme cold, and its soft fibres adjusts temperature and breathes away moist, so even in warmer weather, your feet will keep a comfortable temperature. Try them with bare feet – you’ll love it.

Originally used by surfers on the beaches of New Zealand and Australia to stick their feet in when coming out of the water, these first surfer boots were plain and simple, and were nick-named ugg-boots (from ugly). Today’s boots have been refined in craftsmanship and design, and are now making their way around the world as a fashion item – the ultimate in luxury and comfort.

New Zealand Boots – to be worn at any time. They will soon become your favourite footwear.