We are happy that you chose New Zealand Boots as your new footwear. The item you recieved is an all natural product, made from 100% pure sheepskin. An all natural sheepskind product may vary in colour, appearance and texture, this is part of the beauty and character of an all natural product.

Before you start wearing your product, we recommend that you treat the product with a stain and water repellent protection.

Should the boots/footwear get dirty, they can be wiped with a wet, hard wrinched cloth. Please treat them gently and be careful not placing them in direct sunlight for too long, as the colour may fade.

Sheepskin keeps you feet warm and dry, and even in warm weather, your feet will stay comfortable. Try them with bare feet - you will love it.

When wearing sheepskin footwear, the fur will, in time wear down. This is not a subject to a claim, as it must be expected with all natural sheepskin. The insole of our boots, however, are removeable and can be changed. This will make your boots last for several seasons.